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KADÏÏ is a Guinean-American singer, songwriter, and producer born and raised in the Washington D.C. area, though her seance-esque sonics is rooted far beyond. Bounding both enchanted storytelling and meditative vocals, this soulstress's music influences and interests come from her mother's musical background.
Being raised Muslim by a bi-racial father and a West-African mother, one could at least expect an array of colorful diversity. Looking to make her own place amongst today's vast sea of music acts, Kadïï journeys to express her ideas of emotion, life, thought, wisdom, etc. through tears and turn ups.

Gleaming color and melding different styles, Kadïï also shows that her origins aren't all just music. Having been Miss Guinea North America 2017 and Miss Tourism Queen International Miss Personality 2018, in Thailand. Kadïï has modeled artistically as well as for clothing brands around the world in countries including The United States, Mexico, Canada, Morocco, Thailand, Japan, Guinea, etc. So you expect her music videos to dive into fashion.
Kadïï, bringing character and style, speaks multiple languages (English, French and Sousou), however music seems to be her first language.